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Americans With Disabilities Act

Businesses Hit With Dubious "Handicapped Access" Lawsuits

Professional Development/Marketing

Ten Tips To Increase Your Edge In A Competitive Marketplace
01/27/11 By Bruce A. Blitman, Attorney At Law/Certified Circuit, Family and County Mediat


Winning Appeals By Pinpointing The Issue – Both In America And New Zealand
06/29/11 Michael Winer

Appearing In Court

Professionally Speaking
06/29/11 Christopher M. Neilson

Tales Of A Police Officer Serving On A Criminal Jury!
06/29/11 Christopher Mark Neilson

Tips For Trial Lawyers: A Technique to Pinpoint the Appellate
06/29/11 Michael Winer, Esq.

Tips For Trial Lawyers: Final "Helpful Hints From Hellouise"
06/29/11 Michael Winer, Esq.

Tips For Trial Lawyers: The "Speaking Motion" Trap by
06/29/11 Michael Winer, Esq

Tips For Trial Lawyers: When must the court enter an order approving a voluntary
06/29/11 Michael Winer, Esq.

Tips For Trial Lawyers: Why You Should Finalize Your Summary
06/29/11 Michael Winer, Esq.

Bankruptcy Law

A Fresh Start
06/29/07 Marlene Falkin

Myths Of Filing Bankruptcy
11/29/11 Jeffrey Solomon, Esq.

The New Bankruptcy Law And The Means Test
11/29/11 Jeffrey Solomon, Esq.

Business Law

What Every Florida Business Owner Should Know About Collections
01/10/11 Justin C. Carlin

Multi-Member Florida LLC Owners Handed a Dose of Uncertainty
12/22/10 Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq.

An Ounce of Prevention......
07/25/08 by Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq.

Attention to Detail Important for LLC Owners
10/05/09 By Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq. © 2009

Be Careful When Relying Upon a Franchisor’s Financial Performance Claims
07/25/08 by Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq.

Businesses Hit With Dubious “Handicapped Access” Lawsuits

Electronic Data Discovery Impacts Small Businesses Threatened With Litigation
07/25/08 by Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq.

Franchise Risks
07/25/08 by Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Franchise
07/25/08 by Stephen M. Feidelman, Esq.

Civil Litigation

Fourth DCA Overrules Work Product Objections To Contention Interrogatories
11/21/11 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Class Action Law

Obtaining Class Certification Under The Warn Act: Part 1
06/30/11 Peter Mavrick Lawyer

Obtaining Class Certification Under The Warn Act: Part 2
06/30/11 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Obtaining Class Certification Under The Warn Act: Part 3
06/30/11 Peter Mavrick Attorney

Criminal Law

ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, and Autism Can Get You Arrested

Arrested While Visting Florida?

College Students, Arrests & Financial Aid

Domestic Violence Arrests Surge During Recessions

DUI Arrests & Diabetes

DUI Arrests Can Ruin Careers

DUI Info. The Police Won't Tell You

Exercising, Boating or Work Can Cause You To Look Drunk Or High

Florida Juvenile Law: If Your Teen is Arrested

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions
06/13/11 Steven A. Goldstein

Insights of an Attorney Serving on a Criminal Jury Trial
06/05/07 Christopher Mark Neilson

Temporary Brain Injuries Occur Even In Absence of Impact

The Right To A Jury Trial
06/29/11 Christopher Neilson

When Non-U.S. Citizens Are Arrested & Criminal Charges Are Not Dismissed

Employment Law

Appellate Court Rules In Favor Of Employee’s Claim For Unemployment Benefits
09/11/12 Peter Maverick

Court Rules In Favor Of Employer By Deciding Non Discrimination Existed
08/27/12 Peter Maverick

Eleventh Circuit Affirms Summary Judgement For Shuttle Company's Defense To Overtime Case
02/04/11 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Employee Wins Case Because Employer Did Not Assert Defense On Time
02/04/11 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Employer Prevails Before Florida Unemployment Appeals Comission

Employer Wins Appeal Reversing Race Discrimination Verdict For Insufficient Evidence
09/11/12 Peter Maverick

Federal Court Overrules Employers Argument
08/29/11 Peter Maverick

Federal Litigation Requirement to Disclose Damages
08/26/11 Peter Maverick

Florida Appellate Court Decides That Employer Did Not Unlawfully Retaliate Against Employee
08/27/12 Peter Maverick

Florida Appellate Court Permits Garnishment Of Employee’s Commissions To Satisfy Judgment
08/22/12 Attorney Peter Maverick

Florida Appellate Court Sides With Employee
08/22/12 Peter Maverick

Florida's Non-Competition Statute
08/26/11 Peter Maverick

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Employment Law in Florida

Hazing Within The Workplace

Recent Flordia Appellate Case Holds That Non-Compete Not Necessarily Invalidated By To Pay Wages
02/07/11 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Age Discrimination: Seniority Becomes A Vice

Domestic Violence Leave Law: Rights For Victims

Ethnic & National Origin Bias: EEOC Fails To Use the Most Powerful Law

Family & Medical Leave Act: Protects Parents Caring For Ill & Disabled Children

Gender Bias: Not Limited To Sexual Harassment

General Info: Executives Fare Well In Lawsuits

General Info: Tips for Victims of Job Bias

Non-Compete Agreements: Often No Simple Answers

Overtime Pay: Employees Sue When Not Paid Time-And-A-Half

Pregnancy Discrimination: Legal Recourse from Multiple Laws

Pregnancy Discrimination: Workplace Rights When Undergoing Fertility Treatment

Religious Discrimination: The Devout, Atheists & Agnostics All Have Rights

Retaliation: New Rulings Expand Employee Rights

Sexual Harassment: Many Teenagers Filing Complaints

Sexual Harassment: No Longer Just Men Harassing Women

Sexual Harassment: Teenagers and Gay Men Are Targeted At Work

Small Employers: “Hot” Issues In Hiring & Staffing

Unemployment Compensation: A Denial of Benefits Can Be Overturned

Veterans: Workplace Leave Laws for Vets & Their Families

Veterans: Many Laws Protect Your Work Rights

Whistle Blower Law: Legal Recourse for Honest & Ethical Employees

Employers Face Uncertain Statute of Limitations For EEOC Claims
07/03/11 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Recent Florida Case Allows “Predisposed Employee” Defense Against Lawsuit
06/30/11 Attorney Peter T. Mavrick

Family Law

Family Law Trends in South Florida
10/04/11 Beverly L. Vesel

Who Comes First?
06/29/07 Marlene A. Posner

No Driver's License Suspension When a Parent Cannot Pay Child Support
12/22/08 Attorney Peter Mavrick

No Contempt When a Parent Cannot Pay Child Support
12/22/08 Attorney Peter Mavrick

Health Law

Refractive Surgery, Marketing, and Liability Eliminate your need for glasses and
06/29/07 Paul M. Silva, MD JD


America's Immigration News
06/29/11 Larry J. Behar

Broward Immigration Lawyer
08/09/11 Maggie Arias - Pozo Goldstein LLP

Getting a Green Card
06/29/07 Suzanne Vazquez

Padilla V. Kentucky: New Constitutional Ground

Pro Bono Representation Helping Shape Laws
07/06/11 Steven A. Goldstein

Waivers for Criminal and Non-Criminal Grounds of Removal
01/05/11 Steven A. Goldstein

What does the recent Supreme Court decision in Kucana mean to you?
02/10/11 Steven Goldstein


Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage- The most important coverage on your au

Intellectual Property - (Copyright, Trademark, and

Assessing Your Company's Intellectual Property Assets
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Beyond the Hype: A Rational Look at Internet Patents
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Nine Costly Misconceptions about Patents

Overview of the American Inventor’s Protection Act of 1999

Protecting Business Names and Product Brand Identities Through Trademarks
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Protecting Creative Expression Through Copyright Law
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Protecting New Technology and Internet Ideas

Protecting Software Through Patent Law
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Publishing of Pending Patent Applications By the United States Patent Office

Trademark Selection
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Turning to Patent Law to Protect your Business Methods
06/29/07 By: John Rizvi, Esq.

Understanding the Limitations of a Design Patent
06/29/07 John Rizvi, Esq.

Mediation & Arbitration Law

10 Ingredients For A Successful Mediation Process
01/27/11 Bruce A. Blitman, Esq./ Certified Circuit, Family and County Mediator

Arbitration - What's It All About?

What Is Your Negotiating Style?
06/29/11 Bruce A. Blitman, Esquire/Certified Medi

Personal Injury Law

Auto Insurance- Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits
06/29/07 By Jeffrey A. Adelman

How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?
01/22/11 Russell M Thompson, Esq.

Injured by a Criminal? It May be Negligent Security.
01/23/11 Russell M Thompson, Esq.

Injured by a Dog Bite/Attack?
01/31/11 Russell M Thompson, Esq.

Personal Injury and Dennis Rodman
07/09/13 Abromowitz, Pomerantz & Coffey, P.A.

Slip and Fall Accident Information
01/22/11 Russell M Thompson, Esq.

What to do if you are in an automobile accident?
06/29/11 Jeffrey A. Adelman


Is A Revocable Living Trust Right For Me?
06/29/11 Martin H. Cohen, Esq.

Real Esate

Mortgage Foreclosure And What You Can Do About It
07/26/11 David A. Silverstone Attorney At Law

School Law

Bullying, Bashing & Harassing

Hazed & Abused

Wills and Trusts

Will and Trust Contests in the Real World
01/31/11 Glenn M. Mednick

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Viatical Settlements in Florida
06/29/07 Stephen L. Ziegler

What You Can Do To Help A Disabled Loved One
06/29/11 Martin H. Cohen, Esq.

Who Will Take Care Of Me
06/29/11 Marlene A. Posner

Your Plan for Life – Living Will, Revocable Trust Durable Power of Attorne
06/29/07 Jerome Siegle