Judicial Candidates Video

Broward County Bar Association, in conjunction with BECON TV, the Instructional Television Station of the Broward County School Board, has made available for Internet viewing and/or downloading a series of video interviews with candidates seeking election to the Broward County Court Bench and Circuit Court Bench.  Merely click on a link listed below to watch on your computer any video. These links will also be posted on the BCBA Website at www.browardbar.org until the August 14th primary election.   Interviews were conducted by Frank Loconto, host of the CountyLine program.   Please share the links with your clients, neighbors and colleagues.  Special thanks to the staff of BECON TV and Frank and Phyllis Loconto for their support for this project.

Also posted is a link to The Florida Bar website  introducing and discussing the issue of Merit Retention in the upcoming November 2012 General Election.


Broward County Court

Group 5

Robert “Bob” Nichols (5)

Richard Adam Sachs (5)

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Group  5 conntinued 

 Olga Levine (5)


Group 32

Melanie Golden (32)

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These two candidates are in different races but were videotaped on one program.


Broward County Court

Group 6

Kathleen “Katie” McHugh (6)

Ilene Lieberman (6)

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 Broward County Court

 Group 10

Roshawn Banks (10)

Robert F. “Bob” Diaz (10)

Randy Goodis (10)

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 17th Judicial Circuit

 Group 19

Julia C. Shapiro-Harris (19)

Michael Ian Rothschild (19)

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17th Judicial Circuit

Group 35

Hon. Dale Ross (35)

Michael “Mickey” Rocque (35)

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17th Judicial Circuit

     Group 45

 Laura Marie Watson (45)

Rhoda Sokoloff (45)

Oliver Parker (45)

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 What is Merit Retention?

 Why Is it Important

in the November General Election?

 Florida Bar Information on Merit Retention