President’s Message

CharlesMoreheadApril 2017

Greetings from the President’s Desk

Legal Aid’s funding is under attack in Washington. The current proposed budget terminates all Legal Services Corporation funding. This is the mothership for all Legal Aid services in the country. The Broward County Bar Association was instrumental in founding Legal Aid in Broward some 45 years ago. The Florida Bar has adopted a resolution opposing the defunding. I immediately pulled together our Executive Committee and we issued a strong statement in support of Legal Aid. We also drafted a resolution by the entire Board of Directors, which can be seen on our website at:  

We will not allow our friends, supporters and partners at Legal Aid to stand alone. So into the breech we go.

The courthouse move is now complete. By the time you read this all the judges in the old courthouse who intend to move will have done so. The criminal judges will, for the most part, stay put in the northern wing of the 1989 courthouse. The center wing which held the civil divisions for many, many years will be demolished.  There will only be two entrances to the new courthouse. The first will be the main entrance underneath the seventeenth story tower off of Sixth Street. The other entrance will be on the third floor coming from the parking garage on the east side of the old building.

On April 5, I will be before the Florida Supreme Court arguing the Lawyer Referral Service rule change issues which I have commented on previously. There is a live video feed if you wish to follow along on the Supreme Court’s website.

The Board of Directors of the Broward County Bar Association has authorized up to $5,000.00 to be spent researching and identifying the highest and best use that our current property can be used for. This is just another way of saying we’re looking to build a new building on our own property about three stories tall with parking underneath it. At least that is our initial thought. We have a good planner engaged and are taking the initial steps to find out if this is doable.

Elections are upon us for seats on the Board of Directors. Please research the candidates and vote. It’s a disgrace when we have so many lawyers in this county and only ten to twelve percent of them vote in any given election.

Next month, I will report to you on the Lawyer Referral Service oral argument and also update you on the progress of our building research.                                                                                          


Charles A. Morehead III

BCBA President 2016-2017