President’s Message

CharlesMoreheadJune 2017

Greetings from the President’s Desk

What a whirlwind year we have had here at the Broward County Bar Association. When I first spoke to you last year on July 1, it was my thinking we would have a new courthouse by the end of my presidency. I was right. Our new courthouse is up and running and, despite some teething problems, the building is a vast improvement over what we had and one we can be proud of. The courthouse dedication last month solidified the relationship between Broward County and the Broward County Bar Association as well as the judiciary which we hold so dear.

We have been victorious in our fight before the Florida Supreme Court on the lawyer referral service rule amendments proposed by the Florida Bar. Our argument on April 5, 2017 was met with an order from the court on May 3, which dismissed the entire petition and ordered the parties to work together, with the Court, to research the issues properly before returning with a new rule petition. The Broward County Bar has and will continue to engage as a stakeholder with these important issues.

I want to extend a special note of appreciation to Executive Director, Braulio Rosa. Braulio has been my right-hand man, has done an excellent job of vetting the issues before us, brings common-sense solutions to the table, and understands that not every battle has to be won even if you are right. That is a trait long missing in many organizations or law firms for that matter and it is one that we could all take a lesson from.

Tom Oates, the incoming President, has my full support and allegiance. Tom is an excellent hard-working lawyer who has done a great job as President-elect in taking pressure off of me and in learning the ropes of the presidency. The Broward County Bar Association has never been stronger than it is today. With over 3,300 members, 160 CLE seminars annually, the most efficient and profitable lawyer referral service in the entire state, together with an unmatched staff, makes our bar simply the best it can be.                                                                              


Charles A. Morehead III

BCBA President 2016-2017