President’s Message

CharlesMoreheadFebruary 2017

Greetings from the President’s Desk

The new courthouse is up and running and I had my first hearing there two weeks ago as a Guardian Ad Litem in front of Judge Marc Gold on the third floor. The probate hearing rooms are quite functional and the courtroom-like atmosphere lends dignity to the proceedings. Armed security was abundant and it seems clear that the new courthouse will be run quite differently than the old one.

The connecting hallway between the old courthouse and the new courthouse, which is a couple of hundred feet long, has been controversial. There is quite a slope and drop from the old courthouse to the new one, approximately an 8 foot drop over 120 feet of flooring space. Some have argued that this does not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and I’m sure we will see more on this front in the near future.

The remainder of the civil circuit judges are scheduled to move in in phases concluding in early March of 2017. At that time, upon the completion of all movement, the ancient 1950’s era courthouse will be knocked down. Good riddance.

The turnover of the new Clerk of Court from Mr. Howard Forman to Mrs. Brenda Forman has gone well. There seems to be no interruption in services and the new registration for access to computerized records seems to be going well. If you have not visited the Clerk of Court’s web page recently, I encourage you to do so. There are several new ways of accessing your cases, as well as those filed by others that are cost-free and efficient.

My presidency of the Broward Bar is more than half complete and I am pleased to report that the bar is on target to continue its unparalleled growth in membership, as well as the provision of continuing legal education for both lawyers and members of the public alike. Our affiliation and union with other voluntary bar associations in Broward County is strong – and will become stronger. We continue to seek affiliation agreements with other voluntary bar associations; our ultimate goal is to have a very strong united voluntary bar in Broward County preserving the independence of the various affiliates and uniting with strength in the areas of operation, programming and events.

Finally, the judicial rotations which occur each January, have begun in full force. On a personal note, I look forward to working with Judge Levenson, Judge Bidwill and Judge Haimes in the civil division. The race for chief judge concludes this month and we should know who our new chief judge is by the time you read my next column.


Charles A. Morehead III

BCBA President 2016-2017