President’s Message

July 2018

I am very honored to serve as your, Broward Bar Association President. As I sit here thinking about July and what I am going to write for the this column, the one thing I keep thinking as I do every July, is my Father, Charles Kessler. This July 4th marks the 21st anniversary of his death. My Father was an attorney who I had the privilege of working with before his passing. He was a supporter of the BCBA and everyone in his firm were always members. While I was in law school, he and my two sisters, Paula and Andrea who at the time were members of the Young Lawyers Board of Directors encouraged me to get involved and volunteer for the YLS golf tournament. Of course I always listen to my big sisters, so I volunteered. As I sat in a cart that Saturday morning, I never thought I would someday be President of this great organization.
Since 1997, the 4th of July has always been a bittersweet holiday. I have always loved firework shows. For the last 21 years when watching the fireworks on the 4th I think of the show as a celebration of my Father’s life. This July 4th, while celebrating our freedom, please take time to appreciate your loved ones and if watching a fireworks show, I hope you will remember those who have fought to protect this country and the Constitution. Thank you for your sacrifice to the BCBA members or family members that have served.
One of my goals is to continue to identify and provide the needed services for our members. This August the Board of Directors and several other members will meet for strategic planning for the future of the association. If you have any suggestions for the future, please feel free to contact me. I hope to continue communication between the Bench and Bar. We have a lot of informative seminars as well as events planned for the coming year and I hope many of you will be able to attend. Please take a look at the calendar of events on the inside back cover for our upcoming events and visit The BCBA has 47 committees and sections which can be located on our webpage. I encourage everyone to get involved in one of the committees or sections. It is a great way to meet other fellow BCBA members including members of the Judiciary.
I have been a chairperson/co-chairperson of the Publicity Committee since its inception. It very quickly turned into The Barrister/Publicity Committee. Our Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month at noon. I have been fortunate since the Barrister went back into print as a publication to have had enthusiastic committee members. If you or anyone you know is interested in writing for The Barrister, please contact Amanda Marks to be added to the Committee. Amanda has been a huge asset in getting The Barrister published. While President, John Jordan started the “Where in the World is the Barrister” campaign. Please do not forget to bring a copy on your next trip. You may end up in The Barrister!
I would like to thank the entire BCBA staff and Executive Director Braulio Rosa. Without their support and dedication, my job as well as the Board of Directors would be impossible. I look forward to working with the Board as well as the Executive Committee: Tom Oates, Past President; Michael Fischler, President Elect; Robert Vaughan, Treasurer and Jamie Finizio Bascombe, Secretary. Lastly I would like to thank Charles Morehead for all of his years of service to the Board and the Bar Association.