Presidents Message


O, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light…”…

If you were at the Installation Dinner, you would have been touched when Nicholas Giunta sang our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. This song was written by Francis Scott Key, an attorney, 200 years ago in 1814. The British had burned Washington D. C. and they moved on to Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Key was on a British ship trying to get his client released from the Royal Navy. Mr. Key had evidence he presented to show his client was innocent of the charges. He was not allowed to leave the British ship during the 25 hours the British bombarded Fort McHenry in Chesapeake Bay.  He wrote the song as a poem telling the world our flag was still flying over Fort McHenry, as the dawn’s early light appeared. This was the turning point of the War of 1812. The musical tune was later added. It was not until 1931 that President Herbert Hoover made this song our National Anthem. We never know where our representation, as attorneys, may take us. Francis Scott Key had an immediate impact on his client, who was released.  He continues to this day to have an impact on his country.

One of the most important reasons for becoming a member of the Broward County Bar Association is to keep abreast with all the changes in the practice of law. BCBA strives to present low cost, relevant seminars to update our members. The Section Chairpersons are hard at work to set up these seminars which will be presented over this next year. Some are lunch and learn sessions at the BCBA bar center. Some seminars are being held at venues around town that can accommodate a larger number of attendees. The chairpersons need volunteers as speakers and as organizers. The staff at BCBA will coordinate the logistics of publicizing the event, registering attendees, getting the Florida Bar CLE credits, coordinating the food and cleaning up after the event. BCBA has over 20 Sections, each with their own special rules and procedures. I applaud the time and effort that these Section Chairpersons and their volunteers give to BCBA.

Our Calendar is filling up with important events. Please look at the calendar on the website and plan to attend.

The Summer is the time for family and vacations.  BCBA has started a “Where in the World is the Barrister” contest. When you go on vacation, take your Barrister with you. Send to BCBA, a picture of you and the Barrister with your vacation spot in the background. BCBA needs a caption of who is in the picture, what you are doing and where the picture was taken. The Barrister editors will select some pictures to feature in the Barrister and select others to be posted on the BCBA web site for your friends and family to see how happy you are on vacation.


John G. Jordan

BCBA President 2014-2015