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Pro Bono Spotlight: Lindsay Massillion

Lindsay Massillon is a champion for pro bono legal services in Broward County.

Despite her busy schedule as a practicing attorney, for the past several years, Ms. Massillon led efforts in Broward County to connect pro bono clients to legal services. Each year, Ms. Massillon leads an initiative challenging other Broward lawyers to volunteer for the Broward Lawyers Care Advice and Counsel Hotline, which is managed by the LegalAid Service of Broward County. LegalAid serves over 700 pro bono clients annually through the hotline, and could not be nearly as successful without their volunteers. Ms. Massillon’s efforts have been so successful that come every January 1, the Hotline is usually already staffed with volunteers for the coming year.

As valuable as she is as a recruiter, Ms. Massillon’s pro bono efforts do not end there. Over the past three years, she has taken on 34 pro bono clients of her own, advising them on housing and consumer debt collection issues. Ms. Massillon has also played a critical role through her local Young Lawyer’s Section to provide funding for the Legal Aid Summer Fellow program. In the words of Anthony Karrat, the Executive Director of the LegalAid Service of Broward County, Ms. Massillon’s “hard work has impacted literally thousands of people in Broward County,” and she “truly embodies the spirit of ‘Access to Justice for All.’”

Thank you Lindsay for your pro bono service.