Broward County Mentor Program


In a legal market where increasing numbers of newly minted lawyers are starting their own law firms immediately upon graduating from law school, the Broward County Bar Association has recognized the need for the mentoring of those young attorneys by those with more experience.  Developed by its Professionalism Committee, the BCBA Mentoring Program will launch this spring.  The Mentoring Program is designed to provide a resource for law students and new lawyers to receive guidance, tips and non-legal advice from veteran practitioners.

Among the areas in which a mentor can assist a protégé (or mentee, as they are called) are practical case management issues, law office management advice, research and reference tips, and community involvement and professional development suggestions.  The mentors will stress the importance of ethical responsibility and professionalism in the mentees’ dealings with opposing counsel and the court.  The Mentoring Program will provide an opportunity for both personal and professional growth by assisting new lawyers in developing good character, competence, and a deeper appreciation for the profession.

To qualify, mentors must be active members in good standing of The Florida Bar and the BCBA, have at least five years of experience in the mentee’s preferred practice area, and commit to serve as a mentor for at least one year.  Mentees may be third-year law students, or upon graduating from law school must be an active member in good standing of the BCBA and The Florida Bar, and have less than five years of experience in a particular practice area.  This means that a lawyer who has more than five years of experience in one practice area may switch to a different practice area and then be eligible for mentoring in that new area.

For the BCBA, the goal is to increase the level of professionalism in the bar by equipping less experienced lawyers with the tools necessary to address the challenges they face in their practice.

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