President’s Message

January 2018

January, the month of new beginnings, is a time to look forward to the year ahead. As we move on from 2017, we evaluate the last year and prepare for the next. This year my resolution for the Broward County Bar is to reach out to those attorneys that we don’t see very often. In my mind’s eye, the Bar plays an important role in the health and well-being of our membership. There is no better place than a Bar event to share your accomplishments, and your losses with your fellow lawyer.   

As you review or draft your list of New Year resolutions, consider some of my top contenders:

  1. Take care of yourself. Create or change your workout regimen. Eat better, and get more sleep.
  2. Evaluate your website and branding. Time for a refresh of your online image.
  3. Review your rates. The practice of law is still beholden to the theory of supply and demand.
  4. Pay it forward. Do more for others without expectation of return.
  5. Invite a colleague to lunch. Catch up with old friends and share war stories.
  6. Write an article for the Barrister. Share your expertise with others.
  7. Take more time off. Your family and friends will appreciate it.

Last month we had a fantastic holiday party. Thank you to everyone who came out in good cheer to the annual BCBA holiday party on November 30. The well-organized event attracted more than 400 registrants and took place at the Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum, Inc. Guests admired the collection of 22 pre-war Packard automobiles and memorabilia from 1900 to the 1940’s. The museum, founded by Arthur O. Stone, includes a gallery dedicated to the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and several collections of automobile memorabilia.

We also celebrate the recent nominations of two Broward jurists. The Honorable Raag Singhal (BCBA Judicial Liaison) and The Honorable David Haimes have been nominated by the Southern District Conference of the Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission for U.S. District Judge. From the list of ten nominees, including seven state court judges and an acting U.S. attorney, five will be selected to fill vacancies for the Southern District of Florida. While it would be a loss for the 17th Judicial Circuit to lose either of these fine judges, the odds are in their favor and we wish them luck in their interviews in Washington D.C. and during the confirmation process.

Many of you may be familiar with our format change for robing ceremonies. This year we moved to individual ceremonies for newly elected or appointed judges. The new format is working well and this month we will transform our historical mass robing ceremony to a Judicial Procession and State of the Circuit. The Broward County legal community, elected officials, and the public are welcome on January 19 to the jury assembly room for the event. The BCBA will recognize those judges who have been robed in the past year, and we will hear from Chief Judge Jack Tuter on the State of our Circuit.

On behalf of the entire Broward Bar, BCBA staff, and the Board of Directors, we look forward to seeing you at future BCBA events, and wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year.