President’s Message

September 2018

The BCBA held its first strategic planning for the future retreat the first weekend of August.  For the last few years, the Board of Directors has been discussing that we need to plan for the future.  I had never participated in a planning session and quickly learned from the breakout groups that this type of planning session was overdue.  It was an interesting and educational experience.  The breakout groups have come up with many suggestions wherein we need to determine if and how the ideas can be implemented.  Thank you to Executive Director Braulio Rosa for all you did to help formulating the questions as well as moderating the session, as well as to Events and CLE Manager Lauren Riegler for organizing with the venue and making sure the event ran smoothly.  And lastly, to all the participants who took a weekend out of their busy schedules to attend.

On August 10, 2018, Executive Director Braulio Rosa and I presented Judge Edward H. Merrigan, Jr.  with an American flag on behalf of the BCBA upon his promotion to Brigadier General in the United States Army Reserves. The military traditions elicit patriotism, and I feel honored to have presented a flag to Judge Merrigan.  Thank you again for your service to the people of Broward County and to our Country.

This month, the Roger H. Staley Real Property Seminar will take place on Friday September 21 at the BCBA.  The event is co-sponsored by the Broward Bar Foundation, Inc.  Cybercrime issues within real estate, legislature updates, and a technology CLE, as well as other topics will be discussed. 

On October 27, several Voluntary Bar Associations will be co-sponsoring the South Florida Legal Mentoring Picnic at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines.  If you and/or your firm is interested in a mentoring a law student and/or sponsoring the event, please register at the  This is the first time this type of event will be held in Broward County, and we will be inviting all of South Florida.

As the youngest of three girls, I was the daughter who my Father would take to sporting events.  For as long as I can remember, I have attended the Miami Dolphin games.  As a child, I loved the excitement of the game and it was a great bonding experience with my father.  Because of that, I have always been a big football fan.  My enjoyment of the game continued on through High school (St. Thomas Aquinas)  and College (University of Florida)  As I write this, the NFL exhibition games are about to begin and with that is a hope that the Dolphins will have winning or at least better season than last year. This is also true for my Gators who have struggled the last few years. I would like to thank all the judges who participated in our “show your college colors/spirit” cover this month.  May whoever you are rooting for have a safe and successful season whatever sport you root for.  Go Dolphins and Gators!

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