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Joseph J. Carter Professionalism Award

Applicants in Practice in Broward County Less Than 20 Years

Submissions must be received no later than April 20, 2020

Criteria for Nomination:

    1. Current active and contributing member of the BCBA.
    2. Exhibition of the highest degree of professionalism in accordance with BCBA Standards of Professional Conduct and the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct.
    3. Demonstrates respect for the law and preservation of decorum and integrity of the legal system.
    4. Conduct which has enhanced the image of the legal profession either through practice or programs and activities that educate the public about the law or the American legal system.
    5. Professionalism Committee members may not be nominated.

Additional general characteristics:
• A role model for the legal community • Integrity • Timeliness and promptness • Mentoring of others • Zealous advocacy while maintaining civility • Decorum and demeanor • Credibility • Courtesy to counsel, the court, and the parties • Preparedness.