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President’s Message

President Michael A. Fischler

Once again, on behalf of the BCBA, I would like to thank all judges, members, sponsors, dignitaries and guests who came and celebrated with us at our sold out 2019 BCBA Casino Royale Installation Gala, at the Ritz Carlton, on Fort Lauderdale Beach. What a fabulous and beautiful night! What a tribute to the BCBA and the goodwill it has built! Through inclusiveness and fabulous programming over many years, especially the last 5 years, with Braulio Rosa, our fabulous Executive Director at the helm of our ship, guiding and keeping us on course, the BCBA is achieving new heights, opening new partnerships, building new relationships, while continuing to cherish all those who have supported us by giving of their time and/or other resources throughout the years. The Gala Title Sponsor, Kelley/Uustal, kicked off the evening with their very entertaining welcoming video, highlighted by John Uustal’s dancing prowess (“what cool moves”) and Robert Kelley’s casino skills (I believe he won again), which was enjoyed by all. Congratulations and thank you to this year’s BCBA and YLS installed officers and directors, whose voluntary service is very much appreciated and affords the BCBA the opportunity to continue to grow and reach new milestones. Congratulations are also extended to all award recipients, who were more than deserving of their award by reason of their outstanding service and because they set the standard for all of us to follow. A special thank you to VBA Chairperson Aron Gibson, who organized our first VBA picnic (what a huge success) and together with other VBA leaders presented our dedicated and talented BCBA staff with individual awards (very thoughtful and very much appreciated by the staff).

I, along with President-Elect Robert Vaughan, Braulio Rosa, Lauren Riegler Capote, Young Lawyers’ Section President Lindsey M. Massillon and President-Elect Omar A. Giraldo, Brian Koch, Janice Haywood, Florida Bar Board of Governor Lorna E. Brown-Burton, as well as other Broward County Voluntary Bar Leaders, attended the July 2019 Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Leadership Conference in Tampa. We met and had discussions with Florida Bar President John M. Stewart (a great leader and person, with a good sense of humor) and various Voluntary Bar Association leaders and executive directors from across the entire State, attending many informative presentations (some entertaining) and renewed and made some great connections, especially with our local counterparts in Miami Dade and Palm Beach Counties. All of us were reminded of how lucky we are in Broward County at the BCBA to be able to put on so many CLE’s, have so many dynamic practice and regional sections, publish a first class Barrister Magazine twelve times a year (thanks to the Publicity Committee), a great working and mutually beneficial relationship with our Judiciary (thank you for supporting and being participants in our many events, activities and educational endeavors), our Clerk of the Court, Brenda Forman (thanks for the BCBA lawyer’s lounge) and our many annual and event sponsors whose generous support allows the BCBA to host CLE’s covering a variety of topics, socials and other events.

At this is the time of year we renew and solidify our membership. I would ask you to please renew your membership and recruit new members, so our Association remains strong and vibrant. Finally, thanks to all of you who have congratulated the incoming Officers and Directors and those who have personally reached out to me, as your support, positive comments and enthusiasm for the BCBA is contagious.

Until next month, stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your summer.