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President’s Message

Michael A. Fischler

It is an honor and privilege to follow so many dynamic, dedicated and inspirational leaders and serve as your Broward County Bar Association (“BCBA”) President.  This position wasn’t in my wildest dreams, while attending law school at Nova Southeastern University (“NSU”), nor when I started my career at the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.  However, following in the footsteps of my father, mentor and best friend, Abraham S. Fischler, I learned that getting involved and taking on leadership positions would result in much personal satisfaction, allow for the building of relationships and provide an opportunity to work with others to make the world a little better place.  My mother and law school classmate, Shirley B. Fischler, my loving wife Anita, and my family and friends are always there to support me in my various endeavors. However, it was you, when my Father passed a couple of years ago, members of the legal community, who provided me with support and comfort, offering sympathy, kind words and many great stories, for which I truly thank you. 

Recently I attended voluntary bar conventions in Florida and Chicago. Speaking with many other Bar Association leaders, I can unequivocally state, that we at the BCBA are blessed to have one of the finest and innovative Executive Directors in the country, Braulio Rosa, and an outstanding and dedicated staff.

The BCBA welcomes all in the legal profession and we have developed a fabulous working partnership with our judiciary, clerk of court, government bodies, Legal Aid, local law schools and many others.  We are also blessed to have a group of generous and supportive sponsors and an involved membership that share and appreciate the BCBA mission and our continuous effort to better our profession, unite the legal community in the pursuit of professionalism and civility, and positively impact our members’ lives, both professionally and socially, while providing resources to the community. 

During my tenure as President, I would like to continue to work with all BCBA stakeholders, build upon our strengths and past successes, highlight the positive impact and community involvement of our members, inform members of the numerous opportunities to get involved with the BCBA and of opportunities to provide their talents and serve on the boards of many local organizations and charities which provide needed services to our community.  Additionally, I recognize that mental health and work life balance are major issues in our profession and need to be addressed.   We need to be sensitive to these issues, treat each other professionally and with understanding, for we in the BCBA are a professional family and family takes care of one another.

A big thank you is extended to all the past officers and directors of the BCBA and YLS for their dedication, service and vision, for without your efforts and continued support the BCBA would not have reached so many milestones. We should always remember our friends and colleagues, Walter (“Skip”) Campbell, Charles Moorhead III and Arlene Lakin, dedicated leaders of our Association who recently passed.

Congratulations and thanks are also extended to our dynamic, amazing and talented outgoing Past Presidents Tom Oates and Winney Kessler and YLS Past Presidents Sara Sandler and Brent Reitman for your leadership and energies over the past years. I look forward to working with all BCBA members, the enthusiastic incoming YLS President Lindsey Massillon, YLS officers and directors and this year’s knowledgeable, hardworking, brilliant, diversified and most capable BCBA Board and fellow executive committee members, Past President, Winney Kessler, President-Elect, Robert Vaughan, Treasurer, Jamie Finizio and Secretary, Allison Smith, to build upon the BCBA strengths and reach new pinnacles.