Young Lawyers Section Committees


Don’t just be a member, be an active member!  Below is a list of our Sections and Committees.  We’d love to see our YLS membership join at least one of the Committees below and have a more active role in the Young Lawyers Section.

Joining a Committee is not only a great way to get involved, it’s now a requirement if you want to be a member of the YLS Board of Directors.  Per recent amendments to the YLS By-Laws, a YLS member seeking election or appointment to the YLS Board of Directors must now be a Committee member in good standing for at least one (1) year prior to becoming a Board member.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! 

  1. Decide to GET INVOLVED! A listing of Committees and their descriptions is below.
  2. Login and select the committee in your BCBA Membership profile HERE or contact Todd Baker for more information via
  3. Spread the Word!

I. Special Events – Chairs: Omar Giraldo and Jeff Hegewald, E-Board Liaison – Treasurer, Brent Reitman (for more information on the Special Events Section or the Committees within this Section, please contact Brent Reitman at:

a. Golf Tournament – Chair Stacy Weissman, Co-Chair Jeff Hegewald: This is a charity golf tournament that we host in the fall of each year.  We also host a golf tournament happy hour the week before the event.  This is our biggest event of the year.  Committee members will be responsible for enlisting sponsorships and foursomes to play in the Tournament; organizing the Tournament and Tee Off Happy Hour; and promoting the event.  This year’s 29th Annual YLS Charity Golf Tournament is on 10/29/16; our Tee Off Happy Hour is on 10/20/16.

b. Judicial Reception – Chair Tony Quackenbush; YLS hosts a cocktail party for all the members of the judiciary and the public. A tremendous amount of money needs to be raised for this event. This is our signature event which raises money for YLS.  Committee members will be responsible for obtaining sponsorships and organizing and promoting this event.

c. Poker Tournament – Chair Omar Giraldo: This is a charity poker tournament recently introduced by YLS.  Committee members will be responsible for selecting the charity, organizing the event (including catering and location/date), coordinating the poker service provider, soliciting sponsors and players, and promoting the event.

II. Socials and Education – Chairs: Emily Romano and Seth Rosenthal, E-Board Liaison – Secretary, Lindsay Massillon (for more information on the Socials and Education Section or the Committees within this Section, please contact Lindsay Massillon at:

a. Boot Camp – Chair Harold Pryor: Our ground-breaking series is geared toward newly minted attorneys. Boot Camp strives to train Broward’s new attorneys through different sessions focused on a wide variety of issues.  Committee members are responsible for arranging the Boot Camp sessions; enlisting speakers for each session; and promoting the event.

b. Luncheons – Chair Emily Romano: Every month between August and April, YLS holds a luncheon on different issues, featuring esteemed attorneys and judges.  This year, we are featuring regional networking lunches which will take place all over Broward County.  Committee members are responsible for coordinating speakers for the luncheons and promoting the luncheons.

c. Breakfast with Judiciary – Chair Josh Levine: Four times per year, YLS holds a Friday morning breakfast buffet with Broward County’s judiciary.  Committee members are responsible for coordinating the breakfasts and promoting the breakfasts.

d. Socials – Chair Seth Rosenthal: This committee is responsible for planning all of our social events.  Traditionally the events have consisted of happy hour events, however the committee should feel free to expand socials to other creative activities designed to promote community and networking (e.g Sweatworking Events).  We often partner with other professional organizations for our Happy Hours.  Happy hours sometimes have a charitable beneficiary.

III. Outreach – Chairs: Nikeisha Williams, Jaime Alman, E-Board Liaison – President Elect, Sara Sandler (for more information on the Outreach Section or the Committees within this Section, please contact Sara Sandler at:

a. Pro Bono – Chair Josiah Graham: This committee is responsible for acting as a liaison between YLS, the BCBA, 17th Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committees, and Legal Aid.  Committee members are responsible for board-wide pro bono initiatives such as the 12-month Legal Aid partnership, in which we solicit voluntary bar associations to participate, and staffing the Legal Aid Hotline during Pro Bono Month.

b. Holiday in February – Chair Jaime Alman: This is an annual charity event in which we invite local foster care/underprivileged children to the Museum of Science and Discovery for a day of fun and celebration.  We do arts and crafts projects, sing holiday carols, and have a face painter followed by a visit from Santa.  Committee members are responsible for coordinating this event as well as the toy drive at the BCBA holiday party in December and a gift wrapping party.

c. Read for the Record/Lawyers for Literacy – Chair Nikeisha Williams: Our Read for the Record/Lawyers for Literacy campaign focuses on enlisting volunteers to read to local elementary school students and also helps arrange a book drive so that books can be handed out to each child to keep.

d. Publicity – Chair Brooke Latta: Our publicity committee is responsible for promoting YLS events and running our YLS social media accounts.  The publicity committee is also responsible for ensuring photos are taken at each YLS event and post-event publicity.