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BCBA Member Authors Book: The Hedgecock Friasko

A runner escapes death but collides with chaos in this thrilling mystery

Deerfield Beach, FL – Jan. 9 – It was just a run across a bridge in Fort Lauderdale. Then it became a sprint for his life.

The runner, Stephen Foerster, who luckily avoids death from an assassin’s bullet while crossing a bridge in Fort Lauderdale, now must untangle himself from a net of deception, treachery and South Florida drug deals gone bad in The Hedgecock Friasko, newly released by TriMark Press. This intense thriller is the debut novel of author Rick Hussey.

After Foerster exposed a Ponzi scheme and fracking operation in California connected to his law firm, life becomes a series of turns for the worse. 

Refusing to cooperate with the detectives on the case, which is dubbed by the press as the Hedgecock Friasko, and with the shooter at large and the detectives pressing for more information, Foerster realizes that getting away from it all makes it all the more difficult to resume his normal life.

Will Stephen Foerster flee the forces that want him dead, untangle himself from all the chaos he encounters in the process, and eventually find justice? One open doorway leads to another brick wall in this compelling mystery.

About the Author

Rick Hussey is a civil trial lawyer who grew up in South Florida. He has written thousands of briefs, motions, and memorandum, but this is his debut novel. He received his law degree at University of San Diego and lives in Fort Lauderdale with his wife.


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Marketing – TriMark Press

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