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Easy and Inexpensive Cloud Encryption

Technology and security precautions can be daunting for a newly formed law firm. Although the Florida bar has not yet sanctioned an attorney for their failure to secure client information in the Cloud, it is only a matter of time. Companies such as Clio and Mycase provide comprehensive solutions that include cloud storage, scheduling, and billing software for a monthly fee. These programs are great for larger law firms but may be too expensive or time consuming to implement for a small firm or solo practitioner. These concerns should not preclude law firms from taking advantage of cloud storage.

Cloud storage pricing continue to drop. Dropbox, Google drive, and Microsoft Onedrive all provide discount rates for individuals and small businesses. However, these cloud storage platforms come with their vulnerabilities and disadvantages. Your client’s documents are not held by the attorney but a private company. When signing up for these cloud platforms, we all sign off on liability waivers. Moreover, these private companies and the information you store with them may be subject to a court subpoena or other legal process.

A solution to these concerns is encryption of the uploaded data. A multiple operating system program called viivo allows for automated encrypted cloud backups for a low monthly fee. The software dedicates a selected folder on your local hard drive or network to keep backed up to the cloud. All files uploaded to the cloud are encrypted and contain a .viivo extension. This means that if your file is a .pdf, the file uploaded to the cloud will be .pdf.viivo. Therefore, if a hacker was to gain access to into your cloud storage account, they would only be able to download encrypted files filled with random numbers and letters.

The advantages of this software is clear. As attorneys, our clients’ documents and information are vital to their successful representation and our ethical duties. An encrypted cloud backup of your law firm’s documents may advert a disaster. Viivo is an inexpensive easy to setup solution for small and solo firms to take advantage of cloud technology. Just make sure you don’t forget your password. (

Mr. Joseph S. Van de Bogart, Esq. is a solo practitioner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, practicing primarily in the areas of business litigation, creditor’s rights, and bankruptcy. (