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How Global Cyberattacks Impact US Businesses

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How Global Cyberattacks Impact US Businesses

It’s not unusual to turn on the news and hear about yet another cybersecurity incident in countries around the world. Yes, sometimes these businesses are close to home but many of the stories are about hackers overseas — making it easy to tune out the message that your IT security may not be robust enough to combat the rising threats from around the world. These global cyberattacks may be only a small portion of a broader attack vector that is making its way throughout the US, damaging thousands of businesses in its path. See how you can stay safe online and help protect your business and others from attack.

Adopt a Robust Cybersecurity Posture

Are your IT security practices a bit . . . weak? Understanding the value of a proactive cybersecurity strategy starts with knowing the potential cost of an attack. Many organizations are shocked to learn that a single data breach or infiltration could cost their business millions of dollars in lost productivity, direct costs and customer notifications. What’s worse is that a large percentage of organizations that experience a data breach ultimately close their doors — forever.

Here are some strategies recommended by cybersecurity experts:

  • Real-time email and attachment monitoring
  • Extensive web firewalls
  • Secure WiFi and remote access procedures
  • Ongoing user training
  • Rapid application of software patches
  • Secure data storage
  • Data backup and recovery procedures
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting

Working with local IT security services professionals is one of the best ways to ensure that your organization is fully covered in the event of an attack.

Impact on US Businesses

A successful cyberattack can be extremely far-reaching, moving between organizations and gathering data that is then aggregated by the attackers and often sold on the dark web for a massive profit. The theft of this corporate information that can include everything from financial data to healthcare details about your staff members or your customers often has a ripple effect on consumer confidence. It’s not unusual for an entire swath of businesses to suffer when one organization in that vertical is attacked, as consumer confidence can suffer. This can lead to tectonic shifts in the way people interact with your business or purchase their goods and services. Plus, a cyberattack in another part of the world may open up vulnerabilities in your system that will require quick remediation in order to keep your business data and applications safe from prying eyes.

Get your security practices up-to-speed and you’re doing more than helping protect your business or your home computer. You’re also helping prevent hackers from infiltrating a broader group of organizations and personal computers across the country. See how to get started with technology security when you speak with the approachable individuals at LAN Infotech today at (954) 686-8276 or fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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