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Ransomware, Viruses and Cyberattacks?

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Ransomware, Viruses and Cyberattacks? Your IT Team Can Help

South Florida businesses using cloud-based systems need a knowledgeable, experienced IT team for help with viruses, cyberattacks, ransomware and data security.  

recent ransomware attack targeted 22 local governments in Texas, requiring investigation by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The increasing number of malicious attacks demonstrates why award-winning IT services and support are so important for your business. What are some of the benefits businesses across South Florida gain by partnering with the right IT support provider?

1. Enhanced Safety and Security

How important is protection from ransomware, viruses and cyberattacks? Your business depends on it.

Criminals who mean to do you harm never rest, and you need every available tool to stay ahead of malicious incursions into your data infrastructure.

The rise of cloud-based systems has provided an unprecedented degree of convenience and speed for your business, its employees and its customers. However, the cloud also gives cybercriminals an increasing array of ways to compromise your security, systems and proprietary data.

An experienced IT team can help defend your business — and its valuable digital assets — against the constant threats and full-scale attacks.

2. Monitoring at Every Vulnerability Point

The digital side of your business — your website, e-commerce platform and critical data — all include multiple points of vulnerability. At any of those points of weakness, a criminal may seize the opportunity to steal data that is vital to your business and your customers’ privacy and security.

In addition to the security threat, an attack on your network can mean costly downtime for your employees and your business operations. Hours or even days out of commission can result in significant financial losses and harm to your reputation and brand.

The right IT support team will monitor the status and performance of your digital operations at every stage and every possible point of vulnerability— stopping attacks before they cause irreparable damage.

3. Securing Critical Information

Data storage, management and control play a key role in the day-to-day operation — and ultimate success — of your business. With so many of today’s business operations now digital, your organization likely keeps a variety of key records on both internal and external machines.

From financial data to customer records, human resources files, operations documents, tax records and a multitude of others, data constitutes a critical asset of your business. A knowledgeable IT team keeps abreast of the latest hardware and software changes, as well as how those changes will affect the management of your vital data.

4. Increased Reliability

When you work with the right IT support provider, you gain access to a team of expert professionals, along with cutting-edge solutions to a variety of technical problems. As a result, your entire operation runs more smoothly, efficiently and reliably.

Your IT team helps ensure your protection against viruses, malware, attacks on your networks, and theft of your sensitive and proprietary data. These professionals stay up-to-date on constantly changing hardware and software to provide you with customized solutions for your business needs.

With a reliable network and data infrastructure, you maximize productivity and effective communication across your organization. You also remove the IT burden from your internal workforce, allowing key employees to focus on their core competencies while your IT team does the heavy digital lifting.

Regardless of industry, South Florida businesses benefit in a variety of ways when they partner with a qualified IT support provider. LAN Infotech can help your organization use technology to meet your business objectives. For IT support and assistance, please contact us online or call us at (954) 686-8276.

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