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Simple Tech Tips

Happy 2016!  It’s that time of year when many of us set new year’s resolutions both for personal and professional growth.  The below content gives your members informative guidance on how new technology, like Windows 10 Pro and Office 365, can give businesses greater flexibility, more productivity and greater value to help meet their 2016 goals.  Find out more and pass along these helpful tips!

What’s New in Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Pro gives you and your business the freedom to do great things. It works across all your devices so you can stay mobile, while allowing you to choose a device that fits your budget. It is focused on productivity to match your tireless pace. It has enterprise-grade security to safeguard your business data. And it can be managed with a light touch without heavy IT investment. Above all, it provides a familiar and productive experience—so your sole focus can be on doing great things.  Learn more by clicking the link and found out how Windows 10 Pro can make your devices more productive.

Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport

Microsoft Passport is an easy to deploy two-factor password alternative that is accessible by using a PIN or Windows Hello, which provides enterprise grade security and supports fingerprint, facial, and iris based recognition.

Microsoft Passport also enables Windows 10 Mobile devices to be used as a remote credential when signing into Windows 10 PCs. During the sign-in process, the Windows 10 PC can connect using Bluetooth to access Microsoft Passport on the user’s Windows 10 Mobile device. Because users carry their phone with them, Microsoft Passport makes implementing two-factor authentication across the enterprise less costly and complex than other solutions.

For more information

Browser:  Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11

Resources to help you explore the Windows 10 browsing options for your business.

Windows Store for Business Overview

The Store for Business provides app purchases based on organizational identity, flexible distribution options, and the ability to reclaim or re-use licenses.


Employee Devices Bring Added Security Concerns

The explosion in recent years of mobility solutions and employee’s bringing their own devices has had a big impact on small businesses. In fact, 52 percent of information workers across 17 countries report using three or more devices for work, according to research from Forrester and 61 percent of workers mix personal and work on their devices.

Microsoft has developed Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), which is the only comprehensive solution that protects information assets across four layers: user identity, content, applications & cloud services, and devices.  When combined with Office 365, it offers native protection for applications and services your customers use every day. Best of all, it’s about half the cost of competitive solutions. Not only is EMS flexible and easy to integrate, it offers enterprise-grade security for small businesses.


Litzky PR adopts Windows 10 and empowers employee productivity

Litzky Public Relations works with eMazzanti to keep up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technology and keep their public relations business at the forefront of the industry. Now with the seamless transition to Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser, Litzky Public Relations employees can work even more efficiently wherever, whenever.

Articles & Whitepapers

Once more into the data breach: managing mobile security

They’re out there, ready to breach your data and take advantage of security holes through mobile devices. Are you ready?

Employees often use their personal devices to access company data, such as email. This could create a security breach if not managed well. Phone hacking is becoming common. There were two recent data security breaches on Apple and Google phones. Since they have the largest user base, the problem was, and still is, widespread.

Article by Reed Wilson, the founder and president of Palmetto Technology Group (PTG), an outsourced IT provider and Microsoft partner.

Windows users face a dangerous world with end of support for older Internet Explorer versions

Microsoft officially drops support for most older versions of Internet Explorer today. That means no more security updates for tens or hundreds of millions of Windows users, many of whom will be blissfully unaware that they’re in danger.

Microsoft Support Lifecycle

Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy provides consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product’s life. By understanding the product support available, customers are better able to maximize the management of their IT investments and strategically plan for a successful IT future.

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