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Want to Improve Your Cybersecurity?

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Want to Improve Your Cybersecurity? Don’t Wait for Tech Support to Get Started

Are you practicing these easy cybersecurity tips? Your IT department may handle the heavy lifting, but you can help reduce the possibility of cybersecurity breaches.  

There are too many scary stories about individuals having their passwords hacked or personal information stolen. Working with credit bureaus to restore your identity and handling any financial fallout is no way to spend your time, but there are several ways that you can reduce the chances of being a target. Your business likely provides several ways to protect your office computer but they can’t handle all the security without your help. Don’t call tech support — you can manage these quick security tips all by yourself.

1. Use a Password Manager

Remembering a wide range of passwords can be challenging, and tempt you to re-use passwords for various websites or business applications. Resist the temptation and make your life easier when you use a password manager. These software applications work by allowing you to set a single master password and then either generating or storing a variety of complex passwords for your favorite websites and business apps.

2. Install Antivirus Software on All Devices

Antivirus on your PC is a given, but have you updated the antivirus or anti-malware on your tablet or mobile phone? Desktops and laptops are not the only complex computing devices in our lives, and mobile devices are regularly used to have secure conversations, manage emails and even connect to business networks. Help keep everything locked up tight by adding a layer of security software to your tablet and smartphone.

3. Enable Automatic Updates

Sure, it’s frustrating when you’re in the middle of something important and your computer suddenly slows down or reboots after a software update. This momentary frustration is well worth it, and enabling automating updates is one of the best ways to help keep your computer and mobile devices secure. Automatic updates from your software manufacturer often contain critical security patches that will help keep you safe online.

4. Be Wary of Credit Card Skimmers

On a fairly regular basis, you probably hear about a gas station or ATM that has been hacked in a way that impacts dozens of people. This happens when criminals add a credit card skimmer to the physical scanning software, capturing the information of all cards that are used at that location. Be wary of anything that looks “different” such as hanging wires or devices that don’t seem to fit in the space around your credit card scanner.

5. Keep a Tidy Workspace

Lock your computer and clean up any mobile devices or USB drives, as these are also prone to theft. Don’t write passwords on sticky notes or leave them “hidden” under your keyboard. You’ve probably heard these tips a dozen times, but there are plenty of good reasons to keep your workspace clean and tidy! It’s not unusual for someone passing through an office to quickly borrow something from a desk — don’t let this happen to you!

Need more tips on keeping your office and home safe from cyberattackers? Contact the professionals at LAN Infotech today at (954) 686-8276 or fill out our quick online form for more information. Our team strongly believes in user education as the first round of security support for businesses.

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