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Watch Out For This Banking Scam

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Cyber attacks are now considered one of the top threats to any business or organization. Internet scams can cost companies millions of dollars as well as damage their hard-earned reputations. There are several aspects of internet scams business leaders should be aware of and ways to combat internet thieves. It’s also necessary to understand the importance of having an experienced IT service to keep company data as safe as possible.

Are Internet Scams Increasing?

As robots, malware, and other types of technology become more sophisticated; internet scams are expected to increase as well. Most experts in the cyber industry are predicting more high-tech cyber attacks with everything from chatbots gone rogue to the extensive use of artificial intelligence to deceive both consumers and companies. With a growing demand for internet connected devices and platform compatibility, software is becoming both more complex and vulnerable. Poorly protected software and weak passwords are also reasons that online scams and fraud are increasing at an alarming rate. Whether it’s the legal field, banking, or even nonprofits, fraudsters are coming up with more elaborate plans and are attacking organizations as well as individual consumers.

What are Some Common Scams?

Phishing is one of the oldest and most common scams internet thieves are using to steal information. Phishing usually involves sending information to companies or individuals that looks authentic but isn’t. The scams often include fraudulent look-alike websites that entice individuals to give out private information. A specific banking scam that is commonly used involves customers receiving texts from their bank stating that their accounts have been locked. These texts also include a link to a website that looks the same as the bank’s site. Customers will then enter their passcodes and PINs. The thieves can use this information at a cardless ATM. Usernames, pins, and passwords are all that is needed for this particular scam to work. Even though cardless ATMs are considered safer than general ATMs, scammers are increasingly finding ways to exploit them. There are a few simple steps to follow to avoid being taken in by these types of phishing scams.

  • Never click on links to other websites for account updates or any other type of banking information.
  • Never give out any personal or financial information over the phone, through texts or email.
  • When in doubt, call the bank or organization that is sending the email or text to find out if it is authentic.

Why Do Businesses Need Award Winning IT Services?

Whether small or large, all types of companies are susceptible to a variety of scams and security breaches. There are several important reasons an organization needs to hire a quality IT service.

  • Expertise & Experience – Technology is continually changing, and so are the techniques thieves use to access sensitive data. An IT service that specializes in security does nothing else but manage and secure data. Most organizations don’t have the expertise to secure and manage their information effectively. Hiring an outside team of IT professionals also means having regular access to a group of technology specialists.
  • Time & Money – The time it takes to hire and train the right people to manage security can be extremely expensive. There may also be the added expense of equipment and office space. Even large companies can struggle to stay within budget when maintaining an in-house IT team. Bringing in managed IT support will save most companies money and time since managed IT costs are predictable.
  • Upgrades & Updates – Staying ahead of security threats means staying up to date on the latest software and security management techniques. An experienced managed IT service can provide security patches, regular maintenance, and state-of-the-art upgrades. This type of proactive service is essential for maintaining the most effective security possible. It can also help all of an organization’s internet functions to run more efficiently.

Lan Infotech provides experience and expertise to meet all of an organizations IT security needs. Whether it’s cloud services, data backup, or technology security, they can put together an individualized plan to keep vital information safe. They are an award winning IT company located in South Florida. Contact LAN Infotech for further information concerning proactive IT solutions and security.

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