Prominent Medical Malpractice Attorneys Announce New Firm in Broward County

Fort Lauderdale, FL – After nearly 30 years of building a reputation as leading medical malpractice attorneys at Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Hancock & Liberman, P.A, Scott Liberman, joined by Ivan Cabrera, Sean Thompson and Brent Reitman have opened a new firm in the iconic 100 Tower, located across from the Broward County Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Liberman Cabrera Thompson & Reitman, PLLC (LCTR) brings more than 70 years of combined legal experience... Read More

Business Insights With Visio and Power BI

To view the original article from LAN Infotech click here. Microsoft’s Visio Visual and Power BI are two extremely useful software tools that help business owners store, organize, and interpret data with easy-to-understand visual representations. Using these tools can take your business to the next level. Still, many business owners don’t know about Visio Visual or Power BI. Moreover, many are skeptical as to why data interpretation is important at all. Why is data interpretation... Read More

The Risks Of Using Auto-Complete For Passwords

To view the original article from LAN Infotech click here. The auto-fill feature that makes it easy to enter in usernames and passwords on various websites may be putting your information at risk. While auto-fill is a convenient way to keep track of the many combinations of letters, numbers and special characters you need to access sites, the feature is also being used by advertisers and hackers. That’s why many security experts are suggesting turning off... Read More

Importance of Process and Procedure

To view the original article from LAN Infotech click here. When it comes to cybersecurity, we tell all our clients the same thing: getting hardline policies and procedures in place is a critical first step. Even when working to proactively plan cybersecurity strategies, an organized and on-paper approach is always best. Without getting all your necessary cybersecurity consideration on paper, your planning effort won’t be as effective and comprehensive as it could be. So, we’ve... Read More

The Anatomy Of The Human Firewall

To view the original article from LAN Infotech click here. Each year, around 61% of small businesses become the victims of a malware attack. While many small businesses may think no one would ever come after them because of their size, know that over half of the total global attacks hit small businesses and, for thieves, getting access to your systems is becoming increasingly lucrative. We’re collecting more about customers than ever before: medical history, financial records,... Read More

Miranda v. Arizona…The Story Behind The Opinion

By: Mark Eiglarsh INTRODUCTION If you’ve ever watched any police or crime TV show, you’ve invariably heard a suspect being read his “Miranda Rights.” While it makes for great drama, the reality is that those cherished rights are not exactly what you may think. THE LANDMARK MIRANDA DECISION On March 13, 1963, Ernesto Miranda, was taken into custody after police suspected him of stealing eight dollars from a Phoenix, Arizona bank employee. During several hours... Read More

5 Reasons Attorneys In South Florida Are Frustrated

To view the original article from LAN Infotech click here. Each week, we get calls from attorneys who are ready to change IT service providers. The reason? They signed up for professional managed services but aren’t getting what was promised. Ft. Lauderdale Attorneys Are Exasperated With Their Current IT Services Provider So, what’s the story? Busy attorneys understand that they need the best technology in order to compete with other law firms. And they’re often... Read More

Are You Part Of The 55% That Fails To Offer Security Training To Staff Members?

To view the original article from LAN Infotech click here. Making sure the employees that rely on computer systems are trained in cybersecurity is the easiest way to avoid compromising attacks. However, only about 45 percent of business organizations actually make sure their employees are properly trained through mandatory training, and roughly 10 percent make cybersecurity an optional training. This information is alarming for a lot of reasons. Most Attacks Happen via the Compromise of... Read More
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